APICSAPICS is a friendly organisation, recognising that chimney sweeps are independent and should be allowed to get on with their daily work without interference. 

APICS was formed in April 2002 to keep our members independent and to set standards chimney sweeps must reach to become a member.  Thus improving the knowledege and safety of chimney sweeps across the UK.  Thereby giving customers a better service and a name they can recognise and trust.

APICS Objectives

  • To ensure the competence of its members as chimney sweeps.
  • To raise the standards of the profession, and to move the industry forward.
  • To raise the profile and professionalism of sweeps among customers.
  • To update the knowledge of sweeps concerning relevant legislation and regulations, (e.g.  health & safety, British and European standards, Building Regulations etc.)
  • To update the knowledge of sweeps concerning techniques and equipment.
  • To promote APICS to the public and other professional bodies.
  • To educate the public about regular sweeping by an experienced and qualified sweep, the dangers of Carbon Monoxide and the risks concerning chimney fires.

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